Coming soon the children’s story “A Scarecrow Tale”!

“A Scarecrow Tale”–Discover the STUFF You’re Made Of  (TM)

“A Scarecrow Tale” was originally inspired by the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival.   If you have never had the pleasure of attending the festival, I highly recommend it.  Pure family fun with scarecrows of all types abound.  It truly is a harvest celebration (and a place for inspiration)!

“A Scarecrow Tale” is a story about a scarecrow who ends up losing himself and his purpose.  Through a series of events he ends up questioning who he is.  It’s a story about becoming and loving oneself.  The journey to finding himself is in discovering the STUFF he’s made of.

Stay tuned for more information about “A Scarecrow Tale” by Marian McCoy Boveri


Protector of the Field

A Scarecrow Tale–Discover the                STUFF You’re Made Of! (TM)