Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day…

The color pink is created by mixing red and white together.  Pinks can range from the palest pink to the deepest magenta.  Pink is considered to represent innocence, sweetness, affection, understanding, and friendship.

Fun fact:  In the early 1900s, clothing retailers advocated dressing boys in pink and girls in blue because pink was considered the stronger color and blue the more delicate one.

Depending on the color, a pink rose takes on different meanings:

  • Light pink denotes gentleness and admiration;
  • Medium pink for a first love, congratulations, or to cheer up a friend; and
  • Dark pink denotes appreciation, gratitude, and “thank-you”.

Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day 13:


“Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

~ An Old Irish Blessing ~

Marian McCoy Boveri






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