Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day…

There are at least three stories about St. Valentine which have led some to say there were three St. Valentines connected to February 14.  It is believed, however, that at least two if not all of these stories refer to one in the same St. Valentine who was martyred on February 14 in 3 A.D.   It is said that St. Valentine married Christians when it was against the law in Rome for them to wed.  This is one of the reasons St. Valentine’s Day has been linked with romantic love.

Flowers are both synonymous with weddings and St. Valentine’s Day.  Indeed flowers are believed to speak their own love language.  Roses have long been considered the queen of flowers and the one flower historically associated with true love.

  • A red rose speaks of love, romance, passion, beauty, courage, respect, and congratulations as well as a job well done.
  • A single red rose says, “I love you”.
  • Two roses intertwined together signify engagement and marriage.


Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day 2:
Roses and Flowers

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

~ An Old Irish Blessing ~

Marian McCoy Boveri