Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day…

The first conversation candy was created in 1866 when Daniel Chase, brother of the creator of NECCO candies, discovered a way to print messages on candy using vegetable dye. They were an instant hit. The conversation heart shape emerged in 1902 and has been a Valentine tradition for 115 years! While the original size of the candies has diminished, more phrases were added throughout the years.

Keeping up with the times one of the latest sayings is “text me”. However modern the sayings introduced each year, every Valentine still loves to find the one that says, “true love”, “be mine” or better still “kiss me”.

Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day 9:
Conversation Hearts


“Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

~ An Old Irish Blessing ~

Marian McCoy Boveri