Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day…

Cupid and his bow and arrow are a favorite symbol of St. Valentine’s Day.  Cupid is a well-known figure from classical mythology whose name derived from the Latin Cupidos which means “desire”.  His bow and arrow have come to represent the source of his power.  It is said that when someone is struck by Cupid’s arrow, they are overcome with desire and fall hopelessly in love.

During the Middle Ages, under the influence of Christianity, Cupid also became associated with Heavenly and Earthly love.  Originally portrayed as a young adult, Cupid eventually evolved into the cherub we are so familiar with today.  Cupid as a playful cherub represents romantic love and many hope the object of their desire will be struck by one of his arrows especially on St. Valentine’s Day.

Along the way to St. Valentine’s Day 3: Cupid


Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

~ An Old Irish Blessing ~

Marian McCoy Boveri