As January comes to a close, the planning time for this year’s harvest should be well underway.  If you want to see a bountiful harvest in your life–it will require planning.  Taking the time to actually sit down and decide on what you want to see growing in the fields of your life is essential to successful harvests.

Deciding on the direction you want your life to go in and the results you would like to see at the end of the year depends upon you.  Your harvest is directly dependent upon what you do or do not plant and cultivate in the fields of your life.

What will your barn store?

What will your barn store?

Whether or not you take time to plan the harvests you would like to see in your life–it remains that something will indeed grow within the fields.  Even fields that lie fallow grow something–though it may only be weeds or leftover fruits from a harvest past.

  • Do you want to harvest what you desire in your life or will you end up with an accidental harvest?
  • How often have you come to the end of the year, looked back on the goals you hoped to achieve, and realized that the cupboards were bare?
  • How often have you planned the harvest but failed to cultivate or plant the seeds?
  • How often have the fields in your life produced an accidental harvest?

If you don’t take the time to figure out what it is that you want growing in your field, the time will still pass and the growing season with it.  It is possible that some of what you want to see in your life will pass you by if you don’t use the opportunity to be deliberate about what you plant in your fields.

Take time to review the fields of your life and reflect upon the past harvests.

  • Did you plan the harvest or receive an accidental one?

In order to maximize the potential of your harvest:

  1. Identify the field
  2. Determine the harvest and its timing
  3. Select the seeds
  4. Prepare the field
  5. Plant the field
  6. Cultivate the field
  7. Watch over the field

Will this be the year that you grow a bountiful harvest or an accidental one?

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

~An Old Irish Blessing

Marian (McCoy) Boveri